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Short comic plot ideas…?

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    Hi guys, my friend’s birthday is coming up and, as a gift, I want to make him a comic with a clever and/or funny punch line. It’d be nice if it were somewhat related to his interests and hobbies which include gaming, 3-D printing, and he also messes with his raspberry pi a lot.

    Now, the problem is that I don’t know anything about any of these topics worth beans. Have you guys got any ideas for short plots, punch lines, etc.?

    EDIT: I know that there are a lot of stuff on the internet but I was hoping that it could be something that he hasn't seen already because that would just be sad....

    EDIT: If no ideas come up, the last resort will be to make a comic about not being able to make a good comic.
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    I don't know if this has been done before. I'm sure it has since its kind of an obvious pun.

    But how about an epic tale of a persons arduous journey to find the best Raspberry Pie in the world. Only to end up getting a pie full of pi's?
    You could pair this by going to the store and getting one of those frozen pie crusts and filling it with photo's of the raspberry pi. (or actual pi's if you have any around)
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    Thanks, cpscdave. This is cute. :smile:
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    Hope you'll show us the pictures :)
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