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Medical Short menstruation

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    I only have my period for 3-5 days every month, and I haven't been on any hormonal birth control for almost 3 years. I had been on the pill for a few months (in the past), and the Nuva Ring for about a year (the last BC I used). I have also spent nearly a year using the pull-out method. (I know it's totally ridiculous, not looking for judgement.) I have never used a pregnancy test, never had a reason to. I am 25 now, does the length of my period affect my fertility at all??
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    You should go and see your doctor, we do not provide medical diagnosis here


    And by the way it's good that you realise that withdrawal is not a valid contraception. However small the risk there is still a chance you could get pregnant from it, it is best to be responsible.
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    3 -- 5 days is not a "short" period. It's actually bang-on average.

    I know that Wiki isn't the most reliable information site for the requirements of this site, but it's as reliable as any info link found on a quick Google search. 3 --5 day is average -- 2 -- 7 days is still well within "normal" ranges.

    I'm not sure what you concern is. And ditto what ryan said.
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