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  1. May 2, 2008 #1

    Well the summer is coming up, and as usual I do not have alot planned really, other than a few days in Switzerland, and my sporting commitments. I am located in the UK, and I am looking for a short course that can be done online in Physics (I would have completed my AS levels). I do not know if one actually exists, but it would need to be like a 2 month course. I've looked around, but with no success, there may be a possibility that some of you may have done one. It would be a nice thing to put on my University Application! If there is such a thing, I wonder if I could focus on certain parts of Physics.

    Cheers _Mayday_
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    I will teach on online physics course from the USA this summer which is roughly the equivalent of A level or slightly higher.

    Since you are in the UK system, it might be a hassle transferring credit, though. You should also check the Open University to see what they offer.
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    I don't think such a thing exists, Mayday. Perhaps instead you could self study something from a textbook over the summer. This would look good on your university application form (you could give a brief summary of what you've self studied on your personal statement, etc..)
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