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Homework Help: Short Parabola Question

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    2pi/3 the period right?
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    [tex]3sin(2\pi /3)-4=-3.89...[/tex]

    It's not even a function (or a pretty boring one), it's a number And why do you associate a sine with a parabola?
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    I accidently made the assumption is was a parabola because the question asks for
    amplitude, period, phase shift, domain, range, and vertical shift (but I know you can do this for a sine graph to)

    Do you know how to graph it on a graphing calculator? I do not recall how to solve this type of problem =(
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    Well as I said it's a pretty boring function, it's a number. It's just a straight horizontal (if you plot y on the vertical axis) line throught the point [tex]y=3sin(2\pi /3)-4=-3.89...[/tex]. I'm not sure it's meaningful to assign a period to it as it's not periodic.
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    there must be a mistake in the question, I am sure the book does not want us to graph a straight line over one full cycle?

    I think it should be 3sin(x (not 0) - 2pi/3) -4
    That would make much more sense

    Thanks for your help will
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