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Short question on division:

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    what is: [log(log x)] / [log x]

    i would guess logx/1 but not sure
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    No, it's [log(log x)] / [log x]. :tongue:

    [tex]\frac{\log\log x}{\log x}[/tex] doesn't simplify.
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    [tex]\frac{log(log(x))}{log(x)}[/tex] would equal log(x) if [tex]log(log(x))=(log(x))^2=log(x)log(x)[/tex], but it doesn't :tongue:

    It's the same deal as trying to simplify say, [tex]\frac{sin(sinx)}{sinx}[/tex] this doesn't equal sin(x) because the numerator is not sin2(x)
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