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Short yes/no question.

  1. Dec 30, 2009 #1
    Given a finite group G is G isomorphic to the Galois group of some polynomial in Q? Having done a course on Galois theory I think I just missed this and I feel like I ought to know the answer. Did I just sleep through that part of class?

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    That's not a question. Given that a finite group G is isomorphic to the Galois group of some polynomial, what? What conclusion are you to make?
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    I think what the question is asking is the following. If you are given some finite group, is it isomorphic to the Galois group of some polynomial in Q?
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    I'm asking if for every finite group is there at least one polynomial in Q that has that group as its Galois group.

    That is we did a lot of "give a polynomial find the Galois group." can you do always the reverse?

    maybe this is obvious or something...
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    Yes. This is just the question.
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    That's the Inverse Galois Problem. You can search online for info. I don't think the answer is completely known.
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    Thanks! It looks pretty cool.
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