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Shot noise

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    I am reading about galaxy surveys.

    I want to know what is shot noise ? how we estimate it
    into real and fourier space ? I am basically reading
    astro-ph/0503603 & astro-ph/0503604. I am not able to solve exercise 4, 5, 6.

    I will be thankful, if anybody can provide me some reference.
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    It just means the inherent uncertainty of measuring a distribution in discrete bundles. For example, I could be trying to approximate the density of the universe at some location based on the number of galaxies at that location and dividing by the volume. This won't tell me the density exactly, it will just give me an estimate based on the information available. It's usually treated as a Poisson process.

    It can be treated with smoothing or filtering, but it doesn't look like you want something as complicated as that for your problem. Try to think in simpler terms. What is the expectation value of the correlation function it's calculated from something that's Poisson distributed?
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