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Should/How I ask my friend out?

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    So Im on summer break from uni, and I have a group of friends that has one girl who I used to like in it and everyone knew I liked her, however she started dating another guy and I stopped liking her. More recently I started liking her friend and we get along well. We would hangout a lot, and she has been texting me a lot during the summer so far. I want to ask her out, but I'm afraid of the awkwardness since she knows I used to like her friend... what should I do? Thanks for the help :)
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    People are allowed to be attracted to multiple people. Go for it. If she likes you back, she won't care.
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    Only one way to find out. Just go for it.
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    Ok, so if I were to ask her, is asking her out over text fine?
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    Sure, just keep it casual at first
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    Wanna come for an icecream? THen you suck my birote :wink::wink::wink:
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    If her friend and she share their stories of their boyfriends, it'll not probably be as good, so be sincere to your loved one when you have a chance. If she likes or loves you too, she'll know how to try to make through things with you.
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    Is it okay to ask her out for a week in advance?
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    There are no rules. Do what you feel comfortable :)
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    I always think it's weird asking someone out in a text. I was hanging out with this girl and she could have said something when we were hanging out, but she instead texted me later about it.
    I'm glad she did, though, because, since it was a text, it gave me time to think of an excuse on why we shouldn't date. In person, you kinda have to respond right away, because they know when you got the message.
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    I personally have no issue with bidirectional communication via texts or letters in regard to responsiveness. My solvable excuse is time management and prioritized orders of scheduled items I have to finish.
    I realize the best part in love is what I couldn't recognize since when it has soaked in my heart and mind. And it seems to always stay long lasting and much deeper overtime.
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    Well I think asking her out over text/skype is probably the best thing as thats how we normally communicate
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    Alright, so I asked her out and she said maybe and asked if it was just us or anyone else to which I said "just us". She said okay and joked about something, and the conversation ended and we stopped talking since then. I guess I ruined it.
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    Tell her to solve this inequality
    You should get I <3 u
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    I can't believe this is in Physics Forum and I can't believe I'm even responding, but geez...you need advice bad so here goes. First of all quit thinking of yourself and think about her instead. There is a saying that goes "If you feel uncomfortable at a party, you are thinking more about yourself than you are about the people around you who just might be feeling more uncomfortable than you" So in other words, quit trying to cop out by texting and hoping for some kind of hopeful response. there is only one way to do this and that is the way your competition is doing it.....CALL HER! Given a choice between 2 guys, one who texts for a date and one who calls for a date, who do you think the girl is going to go out with? THINK OF HER! Call her, without intending to ask her out, but instead to just talk, laugh, get to know her a little better, ask her questions, make her feel comfortable, let her feel she can talk to you without feeling shy because you are understanding and safe and then if it feel riight, just tell her you think it would be fun to go do something with her and see if she agrees. If she does then it's easy, suggest a hike or a movie or a burger somewhere. Let her make the moves so she feels in control and go with the flow. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the advice, I do agree, she said yes though.. :)
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