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Should I apply for physics

  1. Sep 5, 2005 #1
    ok i need serious advice. Basically i have to make a decision now because 6th form starts tomorrow. AABC -AS results
    i have to make a decision whether to carry on with apply for physics for uni or go for something else, im thinking just a general biological science degree. Thing is i really love physics but my grades arn't top noch, got a B in physics (with A for PH1 and 2 but a C for prac) but i think i can easily get an A for physics at A level. got a C for maths due to having the worst teacher and hardest maths exam ever, teachers agree. Ive wrote my personal statement its for a physics (or related) degree, i can post it here later. Itll be hard work i know, but then at least i can say i've tried.
    However i can go for the more logical way of apply for Biological Science degree because i got A for biology and chemistry, but i havn't wrote a personal statement for that or have any interest in that field.
    If i go for physics it would mean dropping biology which i got an A in and my parents think is absurd therefore not wanting me to do physics(they never liked the idea of me doing physics in the first place anyway). Keeping all 4 is not an option for me really because im also doing GCSE astronomy and i think itll be a bit too much.
    please don't just say it's up to me because i can see the positives and negitives of going into either lines of study.
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    Well i am sure you can improve some of your grades by retaking a few modules.

    What you choose to do at university if you are equally interested in each subject (biology and physics) depends on where you want to apply. For example a top university like UCL will probably not give you an offer for physics with ABC (chemistry, physics and maths) but they will probably give you an offer for biological science with
    AAB (biology, chemistry and physics)

    P.s. Well done in chemistry I only managed a C, Damn practical.
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    this is my personal statement hasn't been perfected and i took some bits out don't want any lazy people to copy my work.(please don't)

    I have only dreamt of becoming a great physicist one day, only too afraid to try making this dream of mine into reality. Then why now am I not still afraid? You may ask. Well I have come to realise, what life have I lived if I won’t take a risk and won’t even try. I know how easy it would be for me to give up now and simply apply for chemistry or biology; no doubt I would get in. However...(too dramatic??)
    I choose to apply for physics at higher education, after having discovered that I very much enjoy science in particular physics and desire to work on new and challenging tasks. I find Physics intellectually rewarding and get a great sense of achievement in understanding, problem solving and getting to grips with new concepts.
    From an early age I have been fascinated by the sky at night and have spent hours gazing at the stars. Hence when I realised that I could do GCSE astronomy I found it a wonderful opportunity to fulfil a childhood desire to gain a better understanding of the cosmos. The skills that I acquire from the completion of astronomy GCSE will be useful both in terms of physics knowledge and personal satisfaction. The skills that I have also gained from studying ICT at GCSE level, I believe will become a real asset in the completion of degree level physics.
    I have recently read “the universe in a nutshell” by Stephen hawking, after viewing a BBC space documentary and compelled to find out more. Having to do a presentation to my physics class I had the chance to research a topic within physics that I found interesting. I choose the end of the life of stars, focusing mainly on black holes as it tied in nicely with what I had read. (not sure if i should include this, bit pointless)
    My work experience at Cardiff University has given me an insight into the research environment and the latest developments in physics. Gravitational wave was one topic of research I was introduced to; I found this particularly intriguing as it is something that has yet to be proved experimentally. Another topic I was introduced to was Dwarf galaxies and their place in the formation of the universe. I was also lucky enough to be able to take some pictures using the faulkes telescope, while I was there. I took a picture of a spiral bar galaxy (NGC 7479), supernova remnant (NGC 696) and a dying star (NGC 7662).
    During my spare time I like to play tennis at Whitchurch tennis club, I find it relaxing and a good way to meet new people and I intend to take full advantage of the universities facilities to continue my sporting interest.
    I am the assistant environmental officer in 6th form, my job is to come up with ideas and ways which to get the school involved in environmental schemes and making sure we're doing our little bit to improve the environment, I choose to do this job as I feel it is a great issue affecting countries all over the world and needs to be dealt with. Organization is an important factor having to ensure the rest of the 6th form team are informed of any plans.
    I’m part of the school mentoring program; I mentor younger students, helping them manage time and how to work effectively and with the anti bullying scheme SMILE in school, taking time off my other duties to give to younger students in my school who feel need to be listened to. Both require skills of communications and listening which I have been equipped with by training with professionals. I am sure such skills would prove to be extremely useful for a degree in physics.
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    I'd love doing GCSE Astronomy but the fact is I haven't found any college that does it!

    Also, can you please tell me in general how the AS physics is? I know you're here for help but how are the topics in AS physics? Are they hard to assimilate? I'm doing it this year.
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    Sorry, but are those grades you are talking about AS or the full A Level?
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    edexcel's a exam board they do astronomy GCSE look on their website the specification and coursework infos on there.
    AS physics was easy im sure you'll enjoy it. Ive already started part of A level physics and its seems pretty simple too. the maths isnt too hard. as long as u like solving lotsa problems,downside: it can get a bit repetitive. im hungry. byebye.
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    o they AS grades that i got.
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    o sorry u were talking to the other person?
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    Sorry, full A-level
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    Hehe ok, just wondering.
    I think you might be able to answer my question (and I think it also relates to the problem of the original poster in some ways).
    Does UCL give offers to students who got a B in Physics AS? Or is it all based on the actual final A level result?
    Would it be a good thing to tell them that I am also retaking a few modules?
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    whats ucl? university collage of london? or is it a french thing? do they do A levels in france? so do universities look at your AS grades? and prob your GCSE's? and base it all on that and your personal statement. im bummered. Im only applying for cardiff uni and swansea don't want to go anywhere else.
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    Some schools have different policies on this. Some cash AS-levels (you get a certificate) and therefore include them on your UCAS form. But most schools allow re-sits of AS modules you can retake a few module as well as continuing to A2. If this is the case you put "pending" on your UCAS form for AS and A2 (only give the grade for qualifications you receive a certificate for, GCSE's and any AS's you do not continue to A2). You will receive offers based on the final A-level your teachers predict for you in the reference on your UCAS form.

    I wouldn't mention re-sits to the universities, your teacher will take this into account when predicting your grades.

    They will probably give you a conditional offer if you meet their requirements, and if you meet the A-level grades of the conditional offer your in.
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    Hey, Depending on which university you want to attend you'll need to improve your maths grade.. I understand your exam may have been hard and your teacher may not be the best but universities don't know this. All they care about are the entry requirements. I got the highest grade in Maths in my college and the way I did it was to do about 50 problems a week. We were on the edexcel syllabus and for each module we were given the official book and I basically went through every question in each of the books. And whenever I got stuck on a question I would go to my teachers office and ask him (though he was really cool and would always be willing to help). If your teacher isn't as co-operative just keep pestering him till he helps you, at the end of the day your only goal is to get a good grade.

    I think A-levels are over rated personally, I know people who got AAB's or AAA's and graduated with 1:3 or 2:2 simply because when they came to university they took it for granted. if you have the attitude to succeed you will.
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    yes bu UCl I mean University College of London. Erm, you will be allowed to apply to 6 universities. I recommend that you apply at least to 4 Universities in case you dont get an offer from either of your two first choice universities.
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    do you think it's good that I got A*'s bio chem an phys, triple science GCSE and for ICT even tho I got a B for maths intermediate, I had full marks i could have got an A on higher paper given the chance, but it was too much hassel for them to move me an change registration stuff etc. yea i will apply for 4-5 uni's but if i get into one of those 2 universities id be glad. wel thats ok if they only see results you cash in for and predicted grades by teachers, cause my maths teacher was expecting me to get an A based on class preformance and tests but i guess shes prob thinking a B now so am i. so im aiming for AAB for A level. the entery grades cardiff and swansea are asking for (from their website) are like BBC/BCC for swansea and BCC (260 points) with a minimum of grade C in Physics and Maths for cardiff thats for a BSc 3 year. the toughest part will be facing my parents dad especially.
  17. Sep 5, 2005 #16
    Yeh, having a triple A* in Science is fantastic, and the University people will recognise that. If you did just as well in Maths GCSE, it would have been better for you.
    Well, seeing that the entrance requirements for the two Universities you have been looking at are pretty much achievable, I dont think you have to worry about anything, youll be fine with C in Maths and Physics. Also, make sure that your personal statement is perfect, that is what they look at most.

    By the way, I can see that you are very good at Bio and Chem, why dont you consider taking a course in Medicine anything related to that?
  18. Sep 5, 2005 #17
    Because i find them boring, chemistry's ok i guess but bio's just dull memorising loads an loads of stuff. but if i did apply for a biology related degree, i don't have anything much to write about on my personal statement, it won't be as good as for physics, where i can talk about GCSE astronomy and Work experience is related to physics whereas i have nothing for bio/chem
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    That is a good point. But you know what? Once you are in University, and you decide that you want to do chemistry (btw, biology is indeed a lot of blahhhhhhh, chemistry is pretty cool), you can change. At some universities this is easy, at other it is harder to change, so just keep that in mind.

    but i guess physics is the right choice for you, since you seem so commited to it.
    The problem with your parents: Your parents have every right to give you advise, but it is you who makes the final decisions about your life, so if you wanna study physics, then do it! Tell them that you really enjoy it!
    Also, a physics degree can take you far!
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    lol i think i have made my mind up about doing physics, just trying to justify it to myself. it's a bit scaryy cause i'll have to work real hard, but i can do it. I really like physics and if that means having to up my maths wel so be it. wait a mo is degree physics way different from A level?
  21. Sep 5, 2005 #20
    I dont really know. I am same age as you, and I am trying to find out too
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