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Should i be a physics major instead?

  1. Mar 30, 2012 #1
    i'm a sophomore and i'm almost a junior by now...
    i took a year of intro physics this year and am considering majoring in it.
    originally i had planned on studying chemistry, but now i really like how differential math is used to prove physics.
    i'm also beginning to realize that in organic chemistry lab i don't even wonder about what's going on in my erlenmeyer flask. i am also scared of getting cancer..

    a few major concerns;
    i kind of blew first semester physics, slept through most classes, got slightly below average on tests, and got a 3.3. i don't think i thoroughly know all the material especially waves and optics, and rotational motion.
    this semester, i don't know if my grade will turn out better, but i've definitely stayed awake and become more interested in electromagnetism. also the professor is more interesting.

    i also blew my calculus 3 final (everything else was fine) and got 2.7 in the previous semester. but now that the calculus i learned is applied more often (or maybe cause i've awakened to these things), math in physics has become interesting. in fact, i feel like im learning more calculus in physics, since my calculus class has just been about memorizing equations for me.
    and i thought i really hated math!

    i took my intro level physics class at a different institution that's known to be stronger in the sciences. in fact, student there think physics at my college is weak. i kind of agree because the intro physics labs at my school are exactly like that of high school labs. so is it worth getting a physics degree at my school? i have yet to talk to other majors and advisors. our chemistry department is pretty strong though.

    what should i do???? i like physics like i do philosophy, but it takes a lot of thinking!
    also i don't feel like a complete idiot at physics..i've helped a few classmates so i do have some little confidence, even though most people tend to be so intimidated by it, even if they get B's on midterms like i do. so perhaps i should do away with my false confidence and be intimidated as well....
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