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Should I be a physics major?

  1. Aug 29, 2013 #1
    I've been annoying myself with this buzzing in my head all summer and posting questions about what major to choose here almost every day! I'm so confused what to do when it comes to my major. I love physics and I'm taking AP Physics B online this year. I watch all these physics shows on TV all the time and it's all so interesting, I even try to find channels on youtube for physics videos. I love physics but I want to solve real-world problems. I don't want to get involved in all the theory and the big bang and origin of the universe, it's interesting but I want to do more experiment and application. Many told me electrical engineering which is a great field (and not taking anything away from it and its difficulty) but from all I've heard physics is pretty much the top dog in the case of how complex and advanced things get compared to engineering. I love complexity and the advanceness of problems and math etc. I want the biggest challenge and I love research too. I love discovering and questioning, but I want to use discoveries or answer questions that will apply to the world, whether being alternative energy, faster way of doing things or ways to change technology to help against global issues like a clean engine for a car to stop with global warming. The real question is, with a physics major, can I do research and experiment and discover, and also use my discoveries and results from experiments to make the world a better place? Or improve technology? Will I have the skills and knowledge to do so?
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