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Should I be a Teen Tutor

  1. Sep 23, 2015 #1
    Hi, My name's Ethan and I plan on being a teacher. I am doing good in my chemistry class with an A and a girl in my class asked if i would tutor her. This happened today. I don't if i should do it because i feel as if she won't understand what I'm saying. Should I just go for it? She also asked how much I charge. I've never tutored before and i feel as if it would be good experience.
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    Sounds like a great learning experience. Because you are in the same class as her and this is your first gig. I'd just be a good friend and do it for a free the first few times at least :smile:
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    I like Greg's suggestion.

    There can sometimes be a big difference between understanding something reasonably well and teaching it - particularly as you're learning it. Charging her up front might not go so well if you find you have difficulty going over the concepts. So doing it free of charge at first will give you some direct experience and, if you're interested in doing more, it must might establish a good reputation.
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