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Should i become an engineer?

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    p prefer mechanical i think ill enjoy that more then the other engineering fields. thing is i never knew i was gonna be taking courses this hard( okay thats a lie) but i guess its the college life thats getting to me. right now im taking physics with cal 1 which is pretty damn hard, if you hang out in the college level homework help forum im sure youve seen me. im really not interested in anything else, i was thinking pre-med but i chnaged my mind. im not that good in math, im sure if i out myself to it i could be. but i think im a little slow in that department, maybe. i could be doubting myself tho. what really has me worried is that well im not that good in math, i mean ive passed all my math course with a C or better, never failed a math course before. but i have doubts. i really want to become an engineer, but it's the math im worried about. especially word problems, like the on in physics with cal 1.

    do you think i could do well and become an mechanical engineer?
    i know its a question i should ask myself which i think i can answer yes to, but i keep having doubts.
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    sure , why not? what someone else can do, you can do. the crucial issue is whether you want to do it. if so, you will focus your energies that way and succeed against all odds. god willing of course.

    first find where your heart is, then it will be much easier to succeeed in that direction than any other, if it is at all reasonable.

    and be realistic. if math is your weak point, focus on math for some time.
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