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Should I change my major?

  1. Oct 27, 2011 #1
    I'm a Math major, and am considering a minor in Stats. The thing is, I keep getting told that a math degree won't get me anywhere, besides teaching. I've been told to go into engineering instead. The problem is, I don't think I'm the "hands-on" type of person, and I know engineering is hands-on work. Also, it's a male-dominated field, so I don't think it would be too comfortable for me, considering i'm a girl. I'm just confused, I feel kind of pressured. What else can I go into?
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    What do you want to do?
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    I'm not sure...
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    Well give it some thought before going headlong into a certain major :)
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    Figuring out what you want to do is certainly the next step, but I want to address something else in your post.

    That is not true.


    If you're looking to teach and do research, then yes you'll need a PhD. However, teaching and research are not the only options available to you, and it's unfortunate that people believe this.


    One example from the book in that link:

    Jack Cassidy obtained his BA in mathematics and got a job at Hewlett Packard developing algorithms that control "All-in-one" devices (printers, copiers, faxes, etc.).
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