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Should I complain?

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    Here is the situation, because of how the class is scheduled and the date that classes began, the other thermo class has had 2 more lectures then we have (5 hous of lecture time). We also lost almost another full lecture when the professor lost her voice at the beginning of class. Add to that, she seems to be going very slow in presenting the material. According to the syllabus, we are supposed to cover 10 chapters from our book. We have just started chapter 4 and we only have another month and a few days left of class. At best we are going to get through 6, maybe 7.5 chapters. The other thermo class is currently finishing chapter 6 or starting chapter 7 today.

    How important is a thermodynamics course to an electrical engineering student? Should I just forget about it and be thankful that my final will be about 10 times easier then the other classes final, due to the limited amount of material we have covered? I doubt complaining would get me anything other then a chance to retake the class with another instructor, this is not something I have time to do.
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    thermodynamics is not required for EE at my university. of course it depends on which part of EE you're doing. I'm working towards photonics so quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics are recommended. you can always try to cover rest of the book on your own (and consult professor if you run into any problems, most professor don't mind that).
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