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Should I do a unit in topology?

  1. Feb 2, 2012 #1

    A bit of background, I intend to major in physics and mathematics, and I am currently in second year. As it stands at the moment I am only enrolled in three units, and I was wondering If I should do, normally a third year unit, Introduction to Geometric Topology, (i can apply for an exception from the normal rules). The reason for this is it would free up my third year for other maths/physics units. I do think I would find topology interesting. Would it require too much knowledge from other second year courses, or would I be able to be successful in it?

    I have already covered the "standard" first year units that cover calculus, ODE's, linear algebra,etc comfortably, and this unit does not appear to assume a lot of knowledge from previous units.

    The unit in question is;

    Thanks in advance
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    Do you have any experience with writing proofs? A course in topology will likely be drastically different from any math course you have had before. Of course, I don't know how this particular course is, but I suspect that every single assignment and exercise will involve some kind of proof writing or abstract reasoning. At least that is the case for the course in differential topology course I am taking now. In any case, it would probably we wiser to talk to your on-campus counselor.
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    Yeah I have spoken to the unit co-ordinator, he said there isn't much mathematical knowledge that I would lack, they cover everything you need in the course, he said you might not have enough experience writing proofs.
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