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Should I double in math or CS?

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    So I'm going to be an undergrad at Caltech starting this September. Physics is my main interest, although I also like math and computer science. My main question is what to major in. I will obviously major in physics, but I am also considering doubling in either math or computer science. I am more into theoretical physics than experimental physics, which would lead me to believe that math would be better. But couldn't a knowledge of computer science also be beneficial even for theoretical physics? Also I feel like computer science would be a great backup if I got out of physics for any reason, even though I am not anticipating doing so now. Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated!
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    One can definitely make an argument for either choice. I would point out that while physics majors are often encouraged to take some CS classes, usually this is so that they learn some programming and also some computational techniques that they can apply to physics. Doing an actual CS major involves a lot more than this, and in my opinion a math major is more directly related to physics. However, if you want to double-major in order to keep your career choices open, a CS major sounds like a good way to do this.
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