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Should I Double Major Physics?

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    I am a Mechanical engineering student.This is my first year and i am thinking about doing a double major with physics.I am considering about double majoring with physics because i am interested about physics.I have second thoughts though.I have second thoughts because i am not sure how logical doing a double major with physics is and I don't know a job field that i can use these both majors together.Can you guys please help me? I don't know what to do.Should I double major with physics or not?
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    How interested are you in physics? A minor can be suitable for you if you just want to satisfy your curiosity.
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    Unfortunately there is no option as minor in my college.There is only double major.You have a point .I am thinking about double major because i want to satisfy my curiosity.İf there is a job field that i can use these both majors i will apply with no doubt.I just don't want to risk my GPA and waste my time just for curiosity.
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    if you don't really think majoring physics on top of engineering will help with your career, then i would recommended that you don't bother. Focusing on engineering and use online resources and maybe a few magazine subscriptions to satisfy your curiosity.
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