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Should I drop a class?

  1. Feb 20, 2008 #1
    I am currently taking 5 classes and a lab.
    Intro to Computer Engineering
    Differential Equations
    -Intro EE Lab

    I am kind of feeling overwhelmed, I just transferred to another school and I guess I kind of got overanxious and took too many classes (not used to that many choices). It feels like I am constantly doing homework and not really allowing anything to sink in.

    I am thinking about dropping Dynamics because
    1) I hate dynamics ugh..
    2) I would rather take Thermodynamics of Materials (MSE)
    3) I'm an EE major so it's not required, I would have to take thermodynamics of materials or classical (analytical) mechanics (unfortunately, that class is probably way too hardcore for me) instead.
    4) The 'TA' that lectures is horrendous, all he does is copy his notes for 50 minutes.

    Dynamics also has a design project which means I'll have even less time to study for my other classes.

    If I were to drop dynamics, it would result in a DR/W on my transcript, will this affect my chances of getting into a good grad school? I am currently getting a 100% in dynamics (just from homework) but I really feel like it's dragging me down and will affect my performance with other classes. I was thinking about waiting until the first midterm and seeing how well I do on it, and then deciding, that will be in about 2 weeks. But like I said, I feel pretty weighed down with homework.

    I also wanted to try to find a professor that I could do some research with (which is one reason why I transferred to a research university, but with this course load there's no way).

    I know there are other threads similar to this, but I need some personal reassurance....

    If I did drop, I would be taking 13 credits.
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    Dang, that's a terribly heavy load of classes to take. I'm currently in a Mechanical Engineering program that requires me to take Dynamics, Statics, Electromagnetic Physics, Thermodynamics, Differential Equations, and Circuits next years. From what fellow ME students have told me, they all either hated the Dynamics or the Electromagnetic class the most.

    If you don't need the Dynamics class for your major I would definately drop it, especially if it looks like it will drag down your other grades.

    Others can probably give you a more informed answer, but I don't think an EE grad school will program will care too much about a withdrawel from Dynamics, especially considering dynamics is mostly a Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering type course. They'd probably have more questions if you dropped Circuits.
  4. Feb 23, 2008 #3
    Thanks for your reply. I have pretty much decided that I will drop the class but I might wait until after taking the upcoming exam to see the difficulty.

    Since I still have a 100% with just my homework grades, does anyone think I would get anywhere if I tried to talk with a dean and remove the DR/W from the transcript? It's not like I dropping it because I am failing it, just because I don't think I could perform well given all my other classes.
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