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Should I drop this course?

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    Here's my situation:

    Undergraduate at university as a sophomore with around 100 credit hours right now. (took a lot of electives, still have a lot left).

    Coming into this semester I had the lofty idea of going for 3 majors (Phyiscs/ Math / Earth and Environmental Science). I soon realized that this is not possible due to time constraints, so now I am just Physics and Math.

    I am currently taking two writing course equivalent courses (Math which will cover my degree requirement for Physics/Math writing and EAES writing course equivalent). I took two as for 3 majors I may have needed it. However, considering I am only going for physics/math now, it makes no difference for me to stay in this course.

    I generally do not drop courses (haven't dropped any) and I prefer to finish. If I do finish this class there is a strong chance that I will get an A in it, and at worst a B. There's only two assignments left in the next 7 weeks, but they are lengthy, stressful projects (a Poster presentation due this upcoming week, and a 10-minute powerpoint talk on it later).

    My GPA is currently high.

    I see no real reason to stay in the class, but there's also demanding that I leave, other than getting away from the two stressful assignments in my 17 credit hour semester over the next 7 weeks and to open up 2 hours per week for me.

    What would you do? Stay for the grade and work out the stressful assignments or just drop it and forget it since it offers no advantage?

    The ramifications would be: a W on my transcripts, no effect to GPA.
    I also am taking a Geophysics course that offers no requirements towards my double degree, however, I plan on staying in this one as, at the least, it is physics related.
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    If it were me, I would just stay in the EAES course as long as I knew I could manage it. I mean you've already put in a lot of work for the class I'm assuming, so might as well finish it... Personally, I also wouldn't want a W on my transcript either. If you thought you might fail the class, then I might consider dropping.

    Besides, if you go the geophysics route for Grad school (as I did), it never hurts to have a few Earth Science classes under your belt. Even the qualitative ones.
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    I agree with jbrussel93. If the time this class takes is impeding you in your other courses or if it would negatively impact your GPA I would say drop it. But as it is, I don't see what there is to gain (other than a few extra hours of free time) by dropping it.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. It sure helps to get some other opinions and keep my steady.
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