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Should I even do a math degree?

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    Here's my situation. In the math program now. Finding it's ok.. Not the best. Just ok.. I'm wondering if i should just join the army instead. Alot of my time, i think about getting laid or how to get into a girl's pants. I'd rather be doing jiu jitsu, mma and salsa than math sometimes.

    If i were to join the air force instead, i'd plan on taking math classes during the summer time. I just feel i'm not willing to do mathematics to the point of a math degree. I would only do it as a hobby.
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    Math is a very serious and difficult major. If you're not passionated by it, or if you're not willing to put in the work, then don't bother doing it.
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    Yeah i'm thinking about quitting as well after first year. I want to do the army thing and gain more worldly experience. I believe i'll still have a special place for mathematics. It's just that it'll become a tertiary hobby. If i were to go the air force route, i'd probably take 1 class at the university.
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    something to think about is finishing another degree now, and then joining the air force and entering officers school. you would be making more money, and not have to go through all of the same **** as everyone else. it's pretty clear that you are a smart and mature individual to know what you want / don't want out of life and are able to listen to yourself.
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    Hey kramer733.

    If you want to join the military, you might consider something like engineering. You'll need math, but it is usually going to be a lot more specific, and at least in Australia, the army does need and has programs to lure people that can hack both engineering and the military.
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    This is a misconception. The army pays very poorly. For the amount of hours you work, your salary is very low. The army likes to insent people to join by giving them a signing bonus and a nice starting salary.

    If you want to join the army for money, your making a bad choice.
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    Army or Air Force? There are pretty considerable differences in your potential responsibilities and positions you might hold.

    Have you considered joining the Navy? They might have interesting opportunities: http://www.navy.com/careers/information-and-technology/intelligence.html
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    One of the reasons i'd like to join the air force is because my friends are already there. Not only that but i've heard the training for the air force is much harder. This will up my stamina, strength much more than the navy.
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    Ahem... Not really. I mean I don't want to get into a pissing match with the airdales but I have never heard it that way around.

    A) All branches have PT reqs.
    B) It is up to you to keep up. Morning PT will not always be there to do it, and the PT tests are cake in all branches. I mean who can't run 3 miles...

    FWIW, go talk to all branch recruiters. See what they are offering. Right now there is a huge draw-down on the military. Some branches have a year wait to get in. So before you make any choices talk to the recruiters and see how the waters are. It may be advantageous to try to obtain a commission instead of going in enlisted. Either way, check out all your options before jumping ship.
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    You sound just like me. Air force pt is easier compared to the other 3 branches. I have family in the service. Like what Highway said, you can get a degree first then join a branch and be an officer.
    I thought about joining the Air Force but I'm going to have to wait it out due to the fact I have my life here and also going to school. I may have to see and may join as my last resort.
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    air force academy...you get to go to college for free and get your degree
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