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Should I get a physics minor?

  1. May 22, 2014 #1
    I am a computer science major and took Physics 1 & 2 and now that I am done with those I am actually kind of missing physics. Physics is really interesting to me, which I know is reason enough, but I was just wondering what kind of benefits I could possibly get out of pursuing a physics minor. Thanks for your feedback ahead of time.
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    In terms of CS employment, I think there are no benefits of having a physics minor. I.e. employers will not prefer you over someone with a straight CS major.

    If you are interested in physics, then there is nothing wrong with doing a minor in physics.

    Do you do discrete maths, probability, graph theory and linear algebra as part of your CS degree? If not, then I would say a maths minor in these subjects complements CS better than physics.
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    Yea I have to take all those. I'm already doing a math minor because I only have to take two extra courses along with all the courses I'm already going to take.
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