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Should i go into politics

  1. May 27, 2004 #1
    I am seriously thinking of going to politics. do u guyz think I have wot it takes??/ Would u guyz vote for me.!! :wink:
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    *politician's answer*

    That's a very good question and I'm glad you asked it. This shows you have an interest in something we should all be more involved in, and raises fundamental questions as to why far too many people display apathy towards politics. As your next elected Statesman I intend my top priority should be dedicated to do something about this matter. Thank you all !
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    go for it, if its what you truly want, you'll be good at it
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    Today, politics is just as much about appearance as it is about content, if not more. This is very unfortunate but true. So judging from your photo in "the cutest gal/guy at PF" thread, you have what it takes. If you want to talk about content, why do you ask when we don't know yet what you stand for, what your program of desired achievements would be? You haven't informed us about that.
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    ure right Simon. I havent really thought of much stuff I'd like to do but I'd like to be a part of some sort of women empowerment organisation. I'd also focus more on improving education in this country and with that a better health care system.I know I sound like every other politician... but I will be different, i may be corrupt but at least i know I will get the job done. :biggrin:
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    I wouldn't vote for you until I had more information. If I had to vote now I wouldn't vote for you.

    This is because of the way you constructed your sentences. You used words like "wot" and "ure" which aren't the efficiency, maturity, and excellence I'd expect out of a politicians English.

    No offense is intended by my respond. If you want to get into politics you shouldn't use that type of language on any online Interview sessions and I'd certainly hope you wouldn't use slang in typical conversation.

    That's my opinion from the little information I have. I don't know that much about you unfortanetly. Good luck on your goal and remember that the little things count too. :wink:
  8. May 28, 2004 #7
    You can be the next president!! lol. John Kerry win nt election!!
  9. May 29, 2004 #8
    Try majoring in Political Science. That career path will lead more into a professorship.
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    My thoughts exactly!
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    i think I'll take your advice Dooga. it was a bit harsh... but I am A woman of STONE!!!
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    Politics, esp. in our beautiful country, is quite a, a...hmm, need a word here, complicated?? :confused:

    You see as I see the political landscape here (And I do belive I can comment because of my political history - well my families at least!) is a vastly changing one. Politics is moving away from struggle and more to business. I see this as a problem but I won't discuss this yet.

    10 years back, elections came and all the politicians in power were stalwarts (with a communist type background) who had literally fought so to have a seat in parliament. They believed in an ideology of a system that would be greatest to all people (follow that??)

    Today, business is the name of the game. I'm guessing you want to get into politics because of the good you're going to do for people. Hell, that's why I'm involved with politics (SRC etc...) BUT that ain't gonna work in my view. People want results and if you're getting involved, you will be making decisions which you don't believe in but will be because of a deliverance structure. (get it?)

    I am writing this after 5 hours of studying Maths so forgive me if there are toooo many points squeezed in a small amount of space. I will provide clarity om demand! :smile: :smile:

    Anyway, I know you're a member of the ANCYL - good start! Oppositons aren't gonna be effective here for another good 10 years at least so that is the best route if you are gonna get involved.
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