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Should I go to an old friend's wedding

  1. Nov 16, 2012 #1
    We used to work with one other for 3-4 months, but we didn't talk to each other much. He never starts a conversation to greet me on skype. And after I left the company for 3 months, he suddenly appeared to hand in me his wedding invitation card.
    It costs me money to go to someone's wedding though. What do you think whether I should go or ignore ? Thank you.
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    Other than the cost, is there any other reason not to go?
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    I would not go. Sounds like they're fishing for a gift. From your description of your relationship, the invitation is inappropriate.
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    I agree with Evo.
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    A hand delivered invitation sounds very personal. Did he invite anyone else from your workgroup?
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    Thank you for your replies, we were working for company A until I left for company B. He's has never been the first one to start saying "hi" in skype since I left the company, only I do, while we've been online all the time; and he has not been busy while working in company A.

    Thank you Evo and Charmer, I decide to keep silent, not to go there.

    And now in the company I just landed in for only 1 month, there is another guy inviting me to his wedding again. I think only 1 month is a very short duration, I actually don't even know anything about him but he sits in front of me. Should I go for this wedding ?
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    I would go to all weddings but just wouldn't bother spending too much time picking a gift :smile:.
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    I also would like to go to weddings with no gifts, but when arriving at the restaurant, there is a reception where I have to enter my name and return the invitation card usually with $$$ inside.

    And in my situation as in my previous post, I may only ask someone send the latter guy's wedding some money and I won't go to both's. It is because the latter's wedding is celebrated sooo far away from the city, in his hometown, I would go if it is were in the city :D.
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    What I meant that just pick some random gift before wedding rather than spending a day picking a gift. I was in similar situation recently, I got e-invitation though. I bought a gift before heading there and a happy wedding card.

    I also seen that custom of giving card with money inside it. But, I haven't been to many weddings yet to know what is normal way of attending a wedding.
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    Ok, but I won't go; I'm out of the previous company anyway and I want to save some money..I change quite often, if I do go to his wedding, perhaps I only put a very small amount of $$ in the letter ($10 or $15).
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