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Should i go to oxford?

  1. Dec 22, 2006 #1
    i've been accepted for physics at oxford today. i was totally expecting a rejection so i had reconciled myself to going to my second choice university - i was looking forward to it a lot - but this has kind of thrown a spanner in the works. i was telling myself that i would feel stupid all the time, and that if my first college didn't want me then i'm too stupid for them, and that i would have a better all round university experience at the other uni. but now... i don;t know what to do. it's been my dream to go to oxford for as long as i can remember, and i totally fell in love with the place when i was down for interviews. but now i don't know what to do.
    i spoke to someone once who had the opportunity to go to oxbridge and he turned it down and has regretted it ever since. but then other people tell me to go where i feel happy.
    has anyone else been in a similar situation? does anyone have any advice?

    cheers :smile:
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    Go to the best school you can so that your qualification is well recognised. Pretty simple, really.
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    I agree with the people that say you should go where you feel happy. If you've always wanted to go to oxford, and you really liked the university when you went to visit, then that should pretty much answer your question. I never really considered going to Oxford, but thought about Cambridge, but at the end I knew that, at that time in my life, it wouldn't be the right place for me. However, it seems like you are the opposite. Yes, I admit that sometimes I regret not going to Cambridge, but then I look back at the many enjoyable times I've had at university, and realise that I've made the right choice. All in all, I don't think it really matters which university you go to, as long as it's decent, and you enjoy yourself! Go to the place you think you'll enjoy the most!

    Just out of interest, where's your second choice? Good luck!
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    Congratulations! That is so awesome. You should definitely follow your heart. You don't name your second choice, so we don't have much to go on. My advice to you, based on your comments that you've dreamed about going to Oxford your whole life and that you loved it when you visited, is GO!

    It seems your reluctance is that you might feel inadequate compared to the other students there. That may happen, but it might happen even if you go elsewhere for that matter because you are amongst the bright elite of students. Note, though, that Oxford thinks you can do the work or they wouldn't have admitted you. You should trust their judgement, too; admissions offices are extremely talented at choosing students who will fit into their college and will succeed. The university's reputation and future depend on them doing this well, and they have had lots of practice.

    Advantages of Oxford that I can think of are:
    1) Probably good teaching
    2) Bright challenging peers
    3) Gorgeous grounds, cool college town
    4) Major name recognition (will be easy to get into grad school or get a good job)
    5) Easy travel to Europe

    I imagine you'll do well wherever you go, but there's my 2 cents.
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    my second choice is liverpool at the moment, but i haven't seen durham yet so it might be there.
    when i first started at my current college i felt sooo stupid - it's very selective about the students it takes from outside the catchment area, and it didn't help that i was doing further maths! i was really unhappy in the first few weeks before i got used to it, and was ready to quit. but i know the same thing will happen when i go to oxford, and with the heavy workload as well i just don't know if i would cope. this is turning into a very self-pitying post so i'll stop now!
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    You'll never know if you don't try: no journey can ever be successful if you don't take the first step.
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    If the funds are in your pocket to go to Oxford, with the smallest amount of confort, than go for it. It has been your dream to go to Oxford-so live your dream. And if it doesn't work out, and you manage to maintain a modest GPA while there you can always transfer.

    So yeah, there is my opinion: Go for it!
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    Congratulations on being accepted to Oxford! Very impressive. Quiz question -- how many famous scientists can you name who attended or taught at Oxford?
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    Go try it first. I always tell my students that you have totally different aspect when you have reached the top. Moreover, you can always go from high to low because of potential energy. The converse is not true. So you should try it first, if you really don't like it then you can transfer.
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    thanks for all the advice :smile: i reckon i'll probably go there!
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    Go to Oxford, it'll open doors for you.
  13. Jan 8, 2007 #12
    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont see why not
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