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Should I go to the doctor or not?

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    As I write this, I remember tribdog's post about getting pencil lead stuck in his hip or something... but after a couple of weeks after i read his post, i got a pencil lead about this size: | : doubled stuck in my finger, i tried to use a tweezer to take it out but it didn't come out, then i kept poking a needle into that area, again i couldn't take it out, but i just ignored it cause one of my buddies told me that his mother had a pencil lead stuck in her arm for 30 years and nothing happened.. But about a month has passed, and my arm feels like a stone, it feels really heavy, i don't know what happened.. But i still don't want to go to the doctor, because maybe I am just imagining things are something, but it also hurts a lot now, so i am at the crossroads right now.. :confused:
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    It may be your imagination, but if I was you I'd be getting it checked out today.
    Better to be safe than sorry in these matters.
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    Go to the doctor! Could be an infection starting up, or more likely, since it's been a full month, your body is deciding it's time to reject that strange foreign object in your arm and is reacting to it. Trust me, it's better to have the doctor remove it than to wait for the giant hole it will come out on its own...if that's what it's inclined to do. Could also be moving deeper and hitting a nerve or interferring with your muscle function. But, I can only guess what it's actually doing, just that if your arm feels really weird, go to a doctor.

    You, tribdog and his younger brothers can start a support group for pencil-stab wound victims. Yeah, I realize it's hard to admit you did something as stupid as tribdog, :biggrin: but I'm afraid you'll just have to suck it up and get to the doctor.
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    Thank god. A Moonbear post without any sexual overtones. The Viagra must be wearing off. :rolleyes:
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    Seriously, we need to call the guiness book on this one.
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    Did you say Guinness? Why bless you, I'll have a pint then. :biggrin:
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    That's good stuff, but i meant the book of records. Now that you mention it though, a pint of guinness does sound really really good right now, even if it is 10:30 in the morning. Really really good sounding.
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    franz, does this mean you're feeling better? It's already afternoon here, pass the Guinness! (You know what they say, it's always after noon somewhere in the world :biggrin:)
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    I don't have any right now, unfortunately :grumpy:

    I just noticed something. Moonbear turns every thread into sex, i turn every thread into alcohol, and trib turns every thread into self-mutilation. I guess we all have our obsessions :rolleyes:
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    I like to think that I turn every thread into a happy ray of sunshine from the lord :approve:
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    10:30 is nothing.

    I started a whole day of rum and cokes at 8 once. Granted, i was rather depressed at the time, and was (still am, really) convinced that alcohol works better than prozac.

    I haven't done drinking that early in a while though. Earliest i've done drinking recently was 12:30-ish, at lunch, a week or so ago.
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    Uh huh

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    I knew you'd agree. Have another rum and coke, little one :devil:
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    Yeah, after all those Hail Mary's you made me say, that dark cloud of bad luck seemed to have engulfed most of the US yesterday! I'm still waiting for that ray of sunshine. :rolleyes:
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    I told you, you should have done the full rosary, see what you get for not listening?
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    I didn't say which lord the ray of sunshine was coming from -
    (*crash of thunder*)
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    Nitchy - why aren't you at the bar? Bad boy! Say 10 Hail Marys - backwards!!!
    MWAAAAHAHAHAHAhahaha (*chocking sound*) HAaaggh? (*coughing fit*)
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    Later guys. I got to see a monk about a 'nasty habit', if you know what I mean, eh? eh? :biggrin: Have a good weekend.
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    Yeah, I avoided being the cause of some horrid natural disaster! But these things always renew my faith that there is a God...who's out to get me!

    I can feel them watching me...aaaaggghhhhh!!!! Oh, wait, that's just Tom Mattson sneaking up behind people around here. Whew! :tongue:
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