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Should I go to the doctor

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    just stabbed myself with an IC pin.

    lead poisoning?
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    lol its not RoHs compliant chip? how many pins did you stab yourself with? chances are we absorbed more lead in food/solder smoke, paint
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    Just use standard first aid practice for a small puncture wound -- wash it out well with soap and water. As long as it was a relatively clean pin, the risk of infection is low.

    Those dang pins hurt!
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    There's no danger of lead poisoning. IC pins aren't made with lead anyway, and even if they were you'd still be fine.

    - Warren
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    you have more 24 hours to live

    good luck
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    I've repaired lots of old tube amps over the years, and I got "stuck" by tinned component leads (with lead-based solder) more times that I can count. I never worried about the lead because it was solid and metallic. If it were finely divided or in the form of lead oxide, then I'd take precautions. Ah, the heady smell of rosin-core solder!
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