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Should i grab the opportunity?

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    Hello PF. I'm a sophomore at a community college majoring in EECS. I recently got the opportunity to work for a attorney at the Attorney General's office in my downtown area (Detroit). I'm pretty sure this is a government position but I might be wrong. The work is part-time and can be full time during summer. Currently I'm a lifeguard and I'm tired of it.

    Is this a good opportunity? Or should i stick to my original plan of tutoring at my CC?

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    Based on the information provided no one here can truthully say if it is a good job or a good idea. You neither described the job nor explained what aspects of it that you can see relating to your future studies or career.
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    The job is pretty mindless as of what i suspect. It involves making copies and other secreterial stuff for the attorney. I will basically be assisting the secretaries. Hes a very laid back guy.

    Well it would look very amazing on my resume, since this is the general attorney's office.
    I would have like 330 net per month to spend (taxes and gas substracted).

    It sounds like a good gig.

    Edit: 330 to spend with gas, phone, and insurance included
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