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Should I graduate early?

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    I am currently a 3rd year astrophysics undergraduate. I came into my university with a good amount of credits due to AP classes in high school and practically had all my general education requirements fulfilled, allowing me to strictly take classes towards fulfilling my major requirements. I could potentially graduate at the end of this year, granted I finish my senior thesis. My question is: should I graduate at the end of this year or should I stay a 4th year and take classes of my choice? My take on this, is that my GPA is not the best (~3.0), and I could stay the fourth year and take classes that I would be able to raise my GPA in. Furthermore, I could take classes of my interest rather than those I had been forced to take due to specific requirements. However, graduating in 3 years could save me money as well as provide me with one year of extra time, to do whatever, relative to those in my class that would spend the full 4 years at the university. Is there any merit in graduating in 3 years? Do people recognize and consider this if I were to apply for a job or graduate school? Or would it be better to graduate in 4 years with a higher GPA? Mind you, I most likely will not pursue a degree higher than a bachelors in physics, but am considering law school, not necessarily immediately after I receive my undergraduate degree but sometime in the future. Also acknowledge the fact that I have an incredible amount of fun being in school, and when I say this I do not mean that I am jumping for joy in class, rather I have fun with my friends partying. I would appreciate any thoughts.
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    Law.. really?
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    Is this a trivial question?
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