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Should I help this guy?

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    So I got both hard and electronic copy of this solution manual to some random physics textbook. I was trying to sell the hard copy of the manual in my university. Some guy emails me , want to buy the hard copy. However, he emailed at a bad time as I am leaving town for a couple weeks. Therefore, I can't sell it to him. However, I do have the electronic copy of the solution manual. Should I help him out by giving the electronic copy to him for free?

    Part of me say I should do it to help this guy (total stranger) out
    Part of me say No. Why? This is a complete solution manual, giving it to him in an electronic format would allow him to spread it around the class and creates unfair advantage. Besides, I don't even know this guy, why should I go out of my way to help him out?

    So what you guys think?
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    And you possessing an eletronic version is fine...

    No, don't send it to him.
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    You work at a bar as a bartender. A guy comes into the bar and says that he's just a 'little thirsty'. Then he says that he's never tried a certain mixed drink and would like to try it, but he doesn't know whether he'll like it, and asks if you would, as the bartender, mix one up for him 'just to try'-----

    Would you mix one up for free for him?
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    I dunno. Would you?
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    you could give him the hard copy, too, for free
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    Sure, but then I would drink it myself. I don't see what this got to do with the OP's situation. Is the material freely available, or is it bootleg?
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    well, it cost me money to print out the hard copy-hence why I am charging money for the hard copy.

    No the material isn't freely available.
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    Then what you are discussing is a violation of copyright, and this thread is locked.
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