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Should I report this

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    I would like some quick advice.

    In my science textbook, I have found an error regarding the description of the Big Bang. The book incorrectly says that "within fractions of a second, the uni-verse grew from the size of a pin to 2000 times the size of the sun."
    If the book aknowledges that the Big Bang actually describes the very very slow evaporation of a singularity, (which takes longer than the age of the universe) then it is mistaken when it says that there was a huge "explosion...within fractions of a second". If I am incorrect in my analysis, please correct me. Also, I was curious, if I am indeed correct in my analysis, is there a variety of Big Bang theories such that at least one agrees with the book?

    Okay, so the advice I seek concerns whether or not I should report this to my teacher. Should I? If I do, I intend on writing a back-up essay, proving my point, if it is correct.
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