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Should I respond to an Email from a Nigerian Princess?

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    Hi everyone, I recently an email in my account, which I've copied and pasted below. It's apparently from the daughter of a deposed leader in Nigeria requesting help to access her funds worth a whopping USD $72.5M! That's a lot of money and all I have to do is give her my number and account.. and she'll give me 20% - that's still pretty good money. I think I'll open a new account. I think this offer is too good to pass up in this hard economic times.. Yahoo, mom I'm gunna be rich!! :biggrin::biggrin:

    Oh, and a copy of that email I got:

    Dear Zdenka

    I humbly wish to solicit for your assistance in this business that will be of mutual benefit to you an I. I am Zainab Abacha, the daughter of the Late Nigerian Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Sani Abacha; 1993-1998.

    I have within my reach funds-in-cash totaling USD72.5M (Seventy Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which I deposited with a Private Security Company in Africa with an anonymous name.

    Considering my traveling restrictions and my late father of beloved memory's political status, I now I cannot lay claim to this money unless I transfer it out from Africa. I will require your assistance and sincerity as in presenting you as the sole beneficiary of this funds so that this batch of funds-in-cash will be paid into your account / country.

    Upon a positive response from you, I will let you know how to receive this money without any problem. Note also that the incumbent Government of Nigeria is not aware that I am in possession of this particular batch of funds-in-cash.

    Your commission will be down payment of 20% of the total sum if you assist me move this funds-in-cash from Africa. I expect your urgent response via my e-mail address.

    NB: Kindly include your Phone and Fax numbers.

    Best regards,

    Zainab Abacha
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    ummm... where and how do you know of the $1500 travel expenses? Btw that email was meant for me, and you're not supposed to reply to her!! It's MY money. :))
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    Hate to break it to you, but you are getting ripped off.

    You should hold out for a bigger cut. I was offered 60% of the money as commission a few years ago. (Of course that was with not with the prospect of an eternally grateful Princess attached to the funds.)

    Ask her for a picture of herself as a gesture of her sincerity and discretion. That way you will be able to judge how sincere she is.
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    You're too late sucker. I already sent my $5,000 earnest money. Better luck next time loser.
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    Yep, this one I got was from a princess, so it's safe to say she's not a lying scumbag like others out there.. Women always tell the truth! Well I'm not sure I have the patience to haggle the money pie to 60%. Though, if the economy was better then I would have re-considered the offer.

    Good news! She offered me her photo when I asked her.. she told me to google 'Nigerian Princess', and her photo would be the 2nd one that pops up on the image search.. Cool, now I know she's for real!!
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    I really hope you're joking (though since these things have been going round for years, I'm not sure that you are!)
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    I'm as serious as the email! :wink:
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    On a serious note there are many people who get taken in by these con merchants.Since you've obviously got money to spare Zdenka would you like to invest in my latest design for a perpetual motion machine?
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    That would be a silly thing to do - I have a hedge fund that spreads the risk by investing in shares of perpetual motion machines, much more sensible!
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    I would demand 40%. Just to cover the risks.
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    I put my laptop up on craigslist for $300 bucks, but some guy in Nigeria bought it for $527,000. He said he didn't mind paying extra because he knew it would be a hassle to ship, and man was he right. But it was worth it. I just deposited the check and funds should be available at 12:01 am tomorrow morning!
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    Check? Why so inefficient? Think of all the interest you are losing.

    You should have just wired him your account number so he could do a wire transfer. I think this is the preferred Nigerian way to roll.
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    Did he pay using a Nigerian Million dollar note? :tongue2:
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    My Zimbabwian 500 billion dollar note is worth 16 bucks as a collector's item. I would have been able to collect $73,000,000 CDND if I cashed it in around Christmas 08... so they say. Such is life.:redface: Think of the contribution PF could have had!!
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    LOL! Did you know there are more Billionaires in Zimbabwe than in all the World combined? Apparently they also have the most Trillionaires too. That's it I'm packing my bags and moving to this land of opportunity!
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    They've probably got more trillionaires than the US has millionaires (wait, what's Zimbabwe's population?). Not surprising since a cup of joe will cost your 420 billion dollars, or two cows. Whichever you prefer.
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    That's the spirit. You can have your Nigerian Princess join you there.
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    Does the world include Zimbabwe?
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