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Should I Start Smoking?

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    Due to recent personal matters that have caused me upsetting emotions, I have been feeling so much anxiety lately. Sometimes it is difficult for me to focus on my research. Sometimes I just feel so depressed and/or upset, I find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes when I am trying to type up a report on my computer, I just can't get myself started. I feel so nervous all the time.

    One of the main reasons people start smoking is to relieve stress. Maybe if I started smoking, I wouldn't feel so nervous anymore. The trade-off is that I would reduce my life expectancy and increase my chances of developing health problems. But, I feel so desperate to end my anxiety.
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    One of the reasons people start smoking is to look cool. Any addiction just causes more stress and anxiety. I can't see how smoking would make it any better.

    Have problems in life? I'd talk to a therapist. They work wonders. Much better than getting addicted to something.
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    You have some odd posts my friend. One on thin girls, another on cheating with a robot, now one on smoking.......u need to see someone professional.
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    Surrealist, don't even ****ing think about it! Nicotine is the second most addictive substance on the planet, next to cocaine. No hazards were known about it when I started. Now I'm dying of emphysema, and still can't quit. (Chill, friends... I intend to prolong that dying for a few decades.) Buy yourself some surf-sound CD's and leave the cancer sticks behind.
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    Some of my posts are meant to be humorous... humor momentarily kills the depression and anxiety... but thanks for your vote of confidence.

    Anyway, I did see a professional therapists... and it was worthless... and eventually I was told that I was cured and I should go away... I'm guessing "being cured" is more influenced by insurance companies than anything else.

    Seriously though... has anyone here ever been to a professional therapist. All they do is talk out of their ass and verify the fact that when rich kids grow up and get Ivy League educations, they cannot possibly understand the problems of people who really have problems.
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    Why cant you get out of bed?
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    You seem to be suffering from severe stress and depression. You should see a doctor, they might be able to help.

    DO NOT START SMOKING!! That's only going to make things worse.
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    Should you start smoking? Only if you want to die, I suppose. Trust me when I say that smoking is one of the most self-destructive and idiotic things that anyone could choose to do. I have a cousin who started smoking a few years ago. He always says he's going to quit, and then doesn't follow through. It's amazing to see how he'll always avoid the issue, say that he'll quit "later," and basically do whatever it takes to get another cigarette in his mouth. Not to mention that he always smells terrible.

    I don't actually sanction this, but if you absolutely must use drugs to make yourself feel better, then alcohol and marijuana would be better choices (obviously not together, since that'll kill you). Neither drug has nearly the same long-term deleterious effect as cigarettes, and they are both far easier to quit. I guess what I'm saying is: don't develop chemical dependancies, but if you do...
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    How did you "find" your therapist? I would suggest (if this isn't what you've already done) going to your doctor and asking for a referral to a therapist-- he will be able to point you in the direction of the "better" therapists. I assure you that not all therapists are the same, however it should be understood that not every therapist works for every person (due to clash of personalities, or techniques that just do not work for you) so I would advise not to give up due to one bad experience.

    I've never been to a therapist myself, but someone very close to me has for quite a while, and thus I might be able to say something constructive. Therapy is very difficult, in the sense that one has to open up and tell things to a complete stranger, and is a very time-consuming experience. You cannot expect to go and see someone once a week for a month and be fine, as there is generally no quick solution to depression. The sessions may start by simply having a chat about one's day, but will progress to talking openly about things that one may never have mentioned to anyone, even their closest friends. However, I know that it is very rewarding when one realises that one no longer needs to go and talk, and that things have gotten better.

    The most important thing is to not give up, and to remember that you can start to feel better and get your life back on track. Oh and, definitely, don't start smoking!!

    Good luck!
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    Give up caffeine or exercise until you drop but don't start smoking!
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    Lately, I have been having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning because when I'm asleep I can escape my anxiety. Every morning I have to tell myself that I just need to find the strength to keep functioning... and if I can just do that long enough maybe things will get better.
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    Yeah, that's a good idea. I have been trying to drink decaf lately because I've noticed that too much caffeine only intensifies the anxiety. I tried exercising a few months ago... it seemed to help, but I don't always feel like doing it. Actually, I never feel like doing it... but no one ever said life is easy.
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    I wish I could go to church... but I don't believe in Jesus... just God. Sometimes at night, I pray for things to get better... I don't know if it really helps.
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    stay away from chuch, unless you want to be brain washed into thinking Jesus will cure your depression!
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    Are you for real? :confused: ALCOHOL is easy to quit??

    So what if one thinks Jesus will cure his depression? As long as it works, it's ok.
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    I have monumental anxiety constantly due to a particular condition I have but I would never trade thatfor smoking. There are ways to learn to deal with anxiety and its a lot easier thn developing a habit. If anxiety is a problem you can't face on your own then your doctor can offer lots of help in the form of leaflets and then recommendations to councellors.
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    I am sorry to hear about your monumental anxiety. My anxiety and depression has been induced by a particular loss that happened in my life about six months ago. I am just trying to come to grips with reality so I can move on.
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    Fight Club

    If anyone happens to have an underground Fight Club going on... let me know... that is exactly the kind of thing that could help me right now.
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    Then I would recommend talking to a medical professional they can be very helpful. I know a lot of people think there is a stigma attached to that kind of thing but that really shouldn't apply. Seriously consider that first.
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    Hi Surrealist. If you were to start smoking in my opinion you would just be adding more stress to your life. Being addicted to nicotine in itself can be depressing...

    Although I don't know very much about depression or anything, asking for a referal to a good therapist from your doctor as cristo suggested sounds like a good idea. If you don't feel too geeky you can even read reviews on the internet for therapists/doctors/dentists. I actually had no idea such websites existed until I google'd my dentist's name and came upon one. So that may help you find a good therapist as well. Here is one to start you off:


    Anyways, best of luck to you Surrealist. There is no shame in seeing a therapist, I hope you find a good one.
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    A multi-day hiking camping vacation is a great way to recharge your personal energy and start a new chapter in life.

    Ciggarettes are no good, they just taste like death to me. Alcohol is good if you are not a habit forming person (be warned, alcoholic = 1 drink per month, so quit clean when your done).
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    Sorry, I should clarify my earlier statement. I absolutely do not mean to say that alcohol is easy to quit. In fact I'm well aware of its addictive properties in some individuals. What I am saying is that on a relative scale, alcohol is easier to quit than cigarettes. Millions of people regularly drink alcohol and are not addicted to it. But can anyone here name even one single regular smoker who is not addicted to cigarettes? Alcohol isn't specially designed by liquor companies to get you addicted. Cigarette companies, on the other hand, pour millions of dollars of research into designing highly addictive products. In that sense, cigarettes are far worse.

    I want to be clear in saying that I DO NOT suggest he gets addicted to alcohol. At the same time, I am thinking realistically, and I know that he might have his heart set on curing his problems with mind-altering chemicals. If he absolutely must do this, I think most of us can agree that alcohol is a better choice than cigarettes.

    Actually, whatever your religious beliefs may be, religion has the ability to abate depression. Religion puts the faithful in a community with like-minded individuals, and gives them a social support system. This can be especially helpful for depressed people. Of course, not all religions are equal in this regard. Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other "lone ranger" religions don't always require contact with others. If you're going to choose a religion for the sole purpose of curing depression, it might be a good idea to choose one that has a decently-sized community nearby.
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    No, its not ok. Just as taking up smoking is not ok. Its dangerous poison for his mind. Hes depressed. If he feels better, hes going to think it was because Jesus made him better, and thats exactly what those nuts at church want him to think. Reason goes out the window with these people.
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    If you want to go to church find a non-christian one if that is more inline with what you believe.

    Everyone goes through bad times. If you do not think you are strong enough to deal with it, get help. End of discussion.
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    Then take up boxing and beat some guys brains out, or vise versa.
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