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Should I stay in engineering ?

  1. Jan 21, 2015 #1
    Hi to all, I just got my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering finishing first in my class. I also got my Engineer certificate in my country via thesis dissertation.

    My problem is I think I don’t have the necessary to be an engineer. In college, I did very good and had no problem getting excellent grades on "theoretical" courses(Calculus, Physics, Circuit Design, Control Theory, etc), but when I had to work in laboratory and was asked to build certain projects I always sucked. I recognize that I had no interest in these kind of tasks and prefered to study “theory” instead of building a Power Supply or program a microcontroller but even when I tried to my results were really poor. It was frustrating for me, I had no problem understanding “difficult”concepts but when it came to a real world applications I was useless in my groups project. My lack of lab/technical/practical skills(and maybe passion) makes me think that I made a mistake by choosing an engineering carreer.

    My question is should I stay in Engineering and look for an area where I could fit and be useful? In which areas you recommend me to try? (I liked areas such as DSP, RF communication and integrated circuits but I think I liked them more for their Physics and Math content than for their actual applications)

    Or maybe should I switch to a “pure ”science career like Physics or Mathematics taking into account that I am 25 years old?

    I’d appreciate your opinions.
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  3. Jan 21, 2015 #2
    You might try grad school in engineering. It tends to emphasize the theory more.
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