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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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    Ok guys here is the deal. The job I have been working at for almost 2 months now is really starting to get to me. I ended up getting a job where I am literally the only one who is not a stoner. All everyone at work talks about is how stoned they get, or how drunk they are going to get this weekend and so on and so forth. Sometimes they even smoke joints during breaks and whatnot! One of them actually tried to sell me weed the other day. Either way as as I am not into this kind of stuff at all, it is rather uncomfortable for me working there at times. I am not saying the people there aren't nice because they are ......we just have different priorities. Most haven't even bothered graduating from high school and some act like I have it so easy going to univeristy (how hard could it be right? :mad: ) I really want to go find a job somewhere else but my dilemma is that there is only about a month and a half left until school starts again in september. Do you think I should just stick it out until then or find something else? I really don't know what to do at this point so I thought maybe I would see what you guys thought.
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    If you're just doing the job until school starts again, I'd say just stick it out another month and a half. It'd probably take a couple weeks to find something new anyway. A month isn't really that long. Does your boss know what's going on? It's one thing for them to be doing this on their own time, but if they're smoking pot, and trying to sell it, on the job site, then your boss really should put a stop to it.

    In the meantime, just focus on your work and try not to think too much about what they do or don't do. It'll be over before you know it, and you'll know not to apply there again next year.
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    lol just stick it out.. better to be in a laid back job with down to earth people than a bunch of strict nazis buddy.
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    Stick to it, just keep in mind that co-workers are not your friends, just people that you work with. Could be much worse.
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    Yeah that's what I figured. I could probably have another job in a matter of a day or two but it's probably not worth the trouble, and might not even be any better. I just dread going in there everyday, I guess when it's over I can laugh about it or something. I just hate the boring, repetativeness of the job, not to much thinking involved in it.
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    You can only be bored if you allow yourself to be. I literally can't understand the concept of boredom, since it's never happened to me. You can always be thinking about interesting stuff even if you're doing uninteresting stuff. If I got stuck with a stupid cowboy sitting at my bar on a slow night, I'd whip out the Scientific American or a cryptic crossword puzzle and ignore him (socially, that is; he still got proper customer treatment). Stick with it for now. If you want to make a couple of extra bucks, call Crimestoppers when you know that your co-workers are going to make a deal. :devil:
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