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Programs Should I study abroad?

  1. Sep 14, 2016 #1
    I'm a freshman at UT Arlington (Physics Major) and I'm wondering if I go abroad for a year or not. A guy told me that if I want to go my sophomore year, I should apply this year. However, the downside that I can possible think of is the connection that I'd make with the professors, here at UTA.

    If I go abroad, while I may get facilities at another university, I may not be able to get substantial long term research experience. So, am I thinking correctly? Should I go for study abroad?
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    Why not? All the topics studied at UTA are also studied somewhere else. Usually changing the location once in a while is good for research experience.
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    Why do you want to go abroad? You're an international student. You're already abroad.
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    I'd take the path that optimizes one's laboratory and research opportunities.
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    The others that have posted in this thread know far more about things than I do, but I'm going to disagree. College is not only about preparation for graduate school, but personal development as well. If you can join a research group abroad, I see no reason not to. I certainly regret not studying abroad in undergrad, but that's just me.
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