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Should I study Chemistry?

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    Hello everyone, I plan to return back to school in the spring from a small break that i took in order to move out. I was going to school for Engineering Science (associates). I'm basically done with all my general studies and as far as quantitative and natural sciences go I completed Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre Calc, Gen chem 1 and an intro to physics course. When I moved, I didn't have access to the internet for 3 weeks and I got so bored that I began studying my Chemistry text book and actually enjoyed it. I just wanna know if its worth studying as far as getting a degree in chemistry and finding a lucrative job. And this job doesn't have to be entirely related to chemistry either. I just wanna be able to profit off of my knowledge in some way shape or form without having to study something else but if there is anyone who can convince me otherwise then I will gladly keep those ideas in mind before making my final decision.
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    Chemistry has a lot of applications. If you enjoy it, do it.
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    I had a friend who enjoyed biology, chemistry, and engineering. She is majoring in biochem engineering.
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    (a) Are you planning to stop with a BS or go to grad school?

    (b) Job markets can flip-flop within a span as short as a year (e.g., InterNet Bubble Burst circa 2000). No one has a good crystal ball.

    (c) Chemistry is applicable to many sectors. Any particular specialties you're interested in?

    (d) Just be aware that the job market in several sectors that have traditionally hired chemists is really tough right now; these sectors include pharma, petroleum, and semiconductors. But as I said, things may change by the time you hit the job market.

    (e) Around three years ago, I was helping a student with her job hunt. She was finishing her PhD in materials science and engineering, but her interests were more aligned with straight chemistry. While digging around, I was surprised to find that starting salaries for new PhD chemists had been trending down, due to oversupply relative to demand. I haven't been tracking this field since, so I don't know what the current forecast is.

    (f) And of course, ripples through the chemistry job market continue to flow from the Dupont-Dow mega-merger and on-going reorg.
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    I plan to complete my Bachelors and I'm more interested in Geochemistry and Quantum Chemistry. It would be interesting to work for a space program. I wanna visit another planet before I die.
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    I would recommend that you check carefully (a) whether you can do what you want to do with only a BS and (b) what the job opportunities are in such a specialized niche.
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