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Should I study physics?

  1. May 3, 2013 #1
    Hello, I am a Spanish student and I don't know what I have to study...
    On the one hand i like seriously know how to make planes (Aeronautical engeeniering)... but on the other hand I love the physics!! I wait for you can help me, I have to choose my career in a month because I already have Awals!!! by the by... I'm from Granada (Andalusia) and I think that so that I wanted to work completely in physics maybe I whould have to go to foreign countries. Thank you, very much.
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    Hola compi, another Spaniard here. :)

    You will almost definitely need to leave Spain to do absolutely anything with a physics degree. Make sure you maintain the best grades as you can, apply to every single summer research opportunity you can find in Europe every year of your undergrad (there aren't many, just CERN, MPI, ESA, IAC and some random UK and German universities... IAC is the only one in Spain I know of, that or really working your contacts to get some form of research experience if you find a professor that is willing in your later years), and most importantly obtain a very high working level of English and programming in your spare time.

    Start reading English novels, papers, textbooks (you will no doubt be forced to use English textbooks at some point in your physics degree in Spain, start now with Alonso-Finn, Halliday-Resnick, Tipler or similar 1st year physics books instead of using the translations if you find them at your university library), and get used to watching your favorite TV shows in English without subtitles.

    Take some sample IELTS or TOEFL exams and when you're getting above 100, you will be ready. Take the TOEFL or IELTS in your last year of undergrad. Don't waste money on "Escuela de Idiomas" and other similar commercial language degrees, they are expensive and practically worthless outside of Spain. Hagas lo que hagas, no aprendas ingles de otro espaƱol!!

    Si hay algo que no entiendes, mandame un PM y te traduzco. ;)

    Good luck.
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