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Should I Take Another Summer Course?

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What book are you guys going to use for trig?
I am going to use Pre-Calculus, 6th edition by Stewart.
I am going to use Pre-Calculus, 6th edition by Stewart.

I like the problem sets. Maybe supplement it with pre calculus by cohen? I prefer cohen explanations but he leaves out cross products and other properties of vectors out. I tutored someone that used a trig book. I will ask the person what it was called. The explanations where extremely easy but the problem sets were not so great.
Trig is annoying because of all the memorization. In my experience, people go on to calculus and struggle a lot with the unit circle so make sure you learn it well. That and the trig identities(especially for calc 2 where the identities are used all over).
I am taking Calculus 1 during the summer and I know a few others who are taking Trig over the summer. They say it is not too bad besides the memorization. Though just make sure you really know your unit circle like mentioned. This calculus course it easy ( except for the trig and know values of certain radian measures)

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