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Should I take grade 12 biology?

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    Should I take grade 12 biology??

    Should I take grade 12 biology?

    I'm in grade 11 and I want to go into either physics or engineering but everyone tells me I should take as many sciences and maths as I can. If I go into engineering it probably won't be anything that has to do with living systems.

    Should I just take it to keep my options open?

    If I do take it, I'll be doing it in summer school so I can just focus on physics, chemistry, and calculus next year. I already have a grade 12 earth & space science credit and a grade 12 advanced functions credit. I'll be taking AP physics and AP calculus next year and regular chemistry so will it help me in terms of university applications to take bio or no? If I DON'T take it I'll do chemistry in the summer to minimize workload in grade 12 so I can focus on getting good grades. However some people tell me to take chem at my school because it is harder and will better prepare me for university.

    I'll probably be applying to a university in Ontario, Canada.

    Thank You!
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    Yukk, only perhaps if you are considering biotech/biomedical physics/engineering, but I wouldn't go out of my way to take it in summer school, especially if you already have had some biology related courses.

    I'd take the chem in the summer so you can focus on calc and physics next year.

    Please note that chemical and biomedical engineering graduates earn wicked high pay. But not worth a penny of it if you are more into civil, mechanical, electrical, physics, or computer related fields.

    'welcome! In my opinion.
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    If you're seriously considering a career in the sciences, it's a good idea to take as many sciences as you can in high school so that you're exposed to the basics across a broad spectrum of topics.

    It's probably too early for you to be deciding on a specialty (ie. whether you're going to go into biomedical or mechanical engineering or whatever), so it's a good idea to keep as many doors open as you can.
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    Since it's not AP Biology, I'm going to suggest that you avoid the course. You'll likely have to take some life science course in college for GE, so take Bio then.....Plus, then it'll only be a semester long experience. Focus on your maths, physics, and chemistry. And, believe it or not, they will help you better appreciate biology when you take it in college. Biology, after all, is just applied chemistry/physics.
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    I've heard though that if I want to go into physics or engineering I should take as many science courses as possible

    My question really is will it help me and make me look more appealing to the universities?

    People also tell me I should take chem at my school because they make it extra tough and if I take it in summer school it will be easier. If I do just that, when I go off to university I won't necessarily be under prepared but I would do much better if I took it at my school.

    Should I take a harder chem to better prepare me?

    If I do take chem in the summer though instead of bio I will need another course for next year. I'm currently not taking data management. My guidence counselor said it's really easy and I can learn it in university if I have to.

    So should I take data? I hear it's mostly for people going into business. Although it does have some applications for physics like learning probability... which I've already done on my own time...

    Thanks everybody for the replies so far.
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    While it's good to take a wide range of courses, I don't think it's worth taking summer school for it. It's not even a prerequisite for biomedical engineering at my school as far as I can tell. They cover everything you need anyway.

    It seems to me like you really need to just stop worrying quite so much. Take the time to relax and have fun while you can. Engineering's going to be hard enough, and killing yourself in high school won't make it that much easier.
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    Re: Should I take grade 12 biology??

    It's irrelevant, and if you develop an interest in biology once you get to University it doesn't change what courses you have to take.
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