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Should I take the SAT?

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    I've already taken the ACT (32 composite) and have been accepted to Michigan State University for Physics. Looking at other colleges though, I see that they want the SAT (especially schools like Princeton and MIT). Should I take the SAT then, even if my college doesn't require it if you take the ACT? Will I run into trouble later on like when applying to graduate school? If I decide to transfer to another university later on during my undergraduate degree and they require the SAT will I be able to take it at that time if need be?

    I don't know anybody who has taken the SAT so I know nothing about it, and it isn't pressed here like the ACT so I'm not sure what I should do.
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    You absolutely will not need the SAT for applications to graduate school.

    You might need the SAT if you intend to transfer from one undergraduate school to another, but I strongly doubt it. Check the schools' websites for their transfer application requirements.

    - Warren
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    That troubles me too (of course it's too late for me). I only took the ACT (twice), and took the subject tests (Physics and Math 2). But I did not take the SAT I. I was talking to a Caltech representative at a college fair who said that I should really take the SAT if I plan on applying there. I don't know why, he wouldn't elaborate, and it was too late to take the SAT (plus I just hate the SAT test in general, and didn't have time to study for it. I was happy with my ACT score.) Hopefully that doesn't count me out. A $60 lottery ticket is too expensive to be rejected on a technicality like "you didn't take the SAT."

    Offically, almost all except both tests, however. I just wonder if in reality they have a preference for the SAT.
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    I've heard that the further west you go the greater the acceptance of the ACT. So it really depends on where you are applying.

    Also when you look at the website you may see something like "SAT is required (ACT accepted)" take a guess at which one they prefer.

    however if the school accepts both and your ACT score is alot higher, then I would definatly send that one instead.
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    the further west? I live in Southern California and i dont think anyone here even considers taking the ACT. i haven't gotten to college yet so maybe taking the ACT makes you stand out or something
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    No, taking the ACT doesn't make you stand out.

    - Warren
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    Most colleges don't care if you take the ACT or SAT. I took both just in case I happened to do better on one than the other. MIT accepts either ACT or SAT scores without preference over either.
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    i think ACT is more common along the east coast and in the mid-west
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