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Should I transfer from physics to nuclear engineering?

  1. Jun 23, 2012 #1
    Hello, so I am currently in a respectable physics program at Queen's University in Canada. I have finished 3 years in the degree (after 4 years, long story...), but my former GPA was around 2.0, not nearly up to the 3.0 standard. I am now considering transferring to the nuclear engineering program at UOIT (a relatively career-focused university) in Canada, which would take three more years to get the bachelor of engineering degree. Otherwise, I could stay at Queen's, do a 4th year and then a year in the teacher's school to become qualified to for a physics/science/math teacher.

    I am interested in both nuclear engineering or teaching, but from what I have heard, the more important thing would be to choose the one that may have better market prospects, especially considering the current economics. It feels like (although I know it is very bad to assume) nuclear engineering would be a marketable degree, considering UOIT is close to two of Ontario's nuclear power plants, however Queen's physics and teacher's school are very respectable programs, at least in the province.

    I have heard Ontario Power Generation isn't hiring anyone for a few years; I imagine they have done a round of hirings in recent years. However, a lot of the current engineers are close or very close to retirement age (although they don't have to retire at the age), so it feels like it is a job that one could land with patience. Teaching on the other hand isn't as clear, since a lot of people went into studying teaching in Canada in recent years, although I imagine more in the arts. But again, Queen's physics and teacher's college are quite respectable. Since I would be a few years behind a lot people, who went to college straight from high school, in getting a bachelor's degree, the market prospects is a top priority in my decision. (In addition, the possibility of electrical engineering at UOIT was also mentioned, but I think only if it has better prospects than nuclear and teaching.)

    Thanks for reading into this.
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