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Should I transfer? Is transferring LATE frowned upon?

  1. Apr 17, 2012 #1
    I'm a sophomore chemistry/math major at a SMALL school that does not offer engineering or physics as a major.

    However, I did research projects the past 2 summers in biophysics and optical related projects. I realized that I REALLY enjoyed the chemical engineering and physics aspects of the research after working with the physicists and chemical engineers on the project. I recently discovered that I need to get a degree in some sort of engineering or physics to go to grad school in chemical engineering or physics.

    I've been considering transferring back home to a top chemical engineering school, but I won't be able to transfer into the school (due to requirements I'll have to take elsewhere) until NEXT SUMMER (I'll be a junior going into my senior year). I really want to study chemical engineering and/or physics though.

    This means I my graduation of undergraduate school will be delayed by about 2 or 3 years.

    Is transferring because of this reason a bad thing to do? My school does not offer an engineering or physics degree of any kind, so when applying to graduate school would they be weirded out that I transferred so late in the game?

    Thanks for your time

    EDIT: The engineering/physics research I did were at Princeton University and a research institute in the Czech Republic (I only got accepted because of my chemistry and math background). They were legit research projects and I definitely got a good taste of the field and realized how interested in it I am.
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