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Should I transfer schools?

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    So I'm finishing my first year of school at the school nearest to my home. The physics department here is very small and unorganized, and I'm not a big fan of the professors. It was only this year I realized I wanted to major in physics so the quality of the department wasn't on my mind when I decided to attend here.

    I can most likely transfer to a more prestigious school (one of the best in Canada) where they have a lot of cool stuff going on and are much more focused on physics.

    I think it would be a good experience for me to go, academically and personally. I would be paying a bit more.

    Should I transfer or stay where I am?
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    If you feel that you can't accomplish what you want academically at your current school, you should look into it.
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    Well I'm not really sure what I want exactly. I know there are opportunities here for research with professors, but the department is rather small. If I transferred then I would be at a school with a very well known department, a lot of cool research (people going to the LHC, etc) and that kind of thing, so it could benefit me for grad school by working with these people.
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