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Should I transfer?

  1. Nov 28, 2007 #1
    Hi all,

    I'm in need of some advice urgently.

    Let me give a little background about myself. I"m currently an undergrad in engineering at a US college. I'm currently a senior and I'm scheduled to graduate at the end of Fall 08' semester. I am doing great in school with A's in most of my technical courses.

    Now here is my problem, I will eventually have to move to Canada (whether I like it or not). As the situation currently stands, I will have to be in Canada the summer of 08'. I'm now in middle of making a very important decision. Do I finish my schooling in the US (go to Canada by the summer and return to the US in time for the fall 08' semester then return to Canada); or do I continue with my undergrad studies in Canada. I'm currently looking at University of Toronto or Waterloo.

    Continuing in Canada means that I'll have to go for a minimum of two years in order to receive a degree from either university. I honestly don't mind the extra time. I feel it would benefit me to finish in Canada because the I will be placed in an internship or co-op and it increases my changes of finding a job. Further more, the universities also have career centers that will help me find engineering jobs because both universities have good industry relations. I fear that if I go with a US degree, I will have a hard time finding jobs becuase I haven't built a proper "network".
    Both of these universities have engineering programs that are superior to that offered by my current school. So for some reason, I would feel a better sense of accomplishment because of the higher standards.

    But what if I finish my undergrad in the US and earn a Masters in Canada (either way, I'd still go for a Masters)? DO they have something like GREs? How would they rate an undergrad US engineering degree? I feel that having an undergrad from Canada will put me in a better position of being accepted into their graduate program. What do you think?

    So where would I be better off finishing up my undergrad? Well I know that you can't tell me what to do, but any input is appreciated.

    I would also like to know about the situation of the job market for EEs and CompEngs. Does Canada have an equivalent of Silicon Valley?

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    Why must you move back and forth?

    I find it to make more sense to finish in the US. Schools like Waterloo might make you start over from scratch, or start over from 2nd year so that's 3 extra years and not 2. Waterloo has tough transfer credit standards and I'm sure UofT does too. Don't just assume you can start relatively where you are now.
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