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Other Should I work and study?

  1. Jul 5, 2016 #1
    I have an opportunity to continue my studies. I have 3 semesters left to finish. But I don't know if I should right now. I have a job that takes 8 hours (naturally) and I don't know if I would have time to study. I am quite busy with my life now and I would have maybe 3-4 hours a day to study. I don't know how you call this type of studying - you don't have to go to classes, you study at home and come only to the exams.
    What are your recommendations?
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    I did correspondence studying while working long time ago. It is possible but very hard work if you don't want to take ages. You must also be able to do self-studying -- some struggle with this. In the end, qualifications are mostly beneficial, if it is in your field of interest and applicable.
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