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Should Politics and World Affairs be a seperate forum?

  1. Mar 23, 2003 #1
    I think it should have it's own forum. It has mroe posts and threads than most of the other forums and debates in there get quite heated... (innocent look)

    So why is it a sub-forum to general discussion?
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    nicool, i don't think it should only because this is a science forum, and the main focus is on the scientific stuff...
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    Whatever happened to political science?
    (my roommate happens to be a PhD student in the field)

    I also think it deserves it's own place.
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    There are lots of quote on quote "sciences", but like kerrie said this site wants to focus on field sciences and sciences closesly tied with physics. If we expand into secondary sciences we start to dilute the physics content. Obviously P&WA is getting alot of attention because of the war. I don't think topics about whether bush is dumb has anything to do with science or even should be near science topics. Thanks for the suggestion though Nicool03.
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    I could understand that to a point Kerrie but it isn't in the "all science" section.

    It is in community along with how stuff works general discussion and homework help. (and PF feedback and Announcements)

    But I see your point, and I see your point too Greg. And yours too monique:smile: :wink:
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    Another God

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    i guess u didn't see my point.... :frown:
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    What point? You have not posted previously in this thread...
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    Another God

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    OK, i get your point. Next time I will post.

    but next time you better at least try to see my point....!
  10. Mar 25, 2003 #9
    I'm confused. haha No I get. O.k it is a deal AG next time I will see your point to.
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