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Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites?

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    Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites? Maybe they are merely complimentary and this is why they seek each other and are not opposites?
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    No, an electron and proton have specific charges that can be expressed numerically as opposites of each other.
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    What about if we assume that an inherent changing magnetic field is producing an electric field, as it were, the proton charge, then by conservation of charge there must be a negative corresponding charge; just in this sense, IMHO, they can be complimentary
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    I'm sure "opposite" is used subjectively, since they are not truly opposite in every aspect. "Charge" is the more descriptive word. "Complementary" is also subjective.

    It's all in your point of view. If you use either in conjunction with "charge", you probably couldn't go wrong.
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