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Should the news be censored?

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    Should the news be sent at night/late evening only?

    The news are full of violence, war, killing and other misery. Should this be sent late at night to protect children from seing it?

    This thread is not stupid, so please don't lock it.
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    I think it should be less censored than it is, people NEED to see the real results of war, and why we shouldn't be in this (or for that matter any...), its so skewed now, you just know a lot of these die hard supporters of the war (in this case I mean in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it could be used in future or past tense) would change their minds if they saw the gore of what REALLY is happening...
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    And as far as "other misery" I have the same position as above.
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    public airwaves? sure, censor it. it is part of our culture now that we don't show dead bodies on the local news. it's just considered disrespectful, you never know when that'll be someone you know.

    should there be an outlet for it? sure. and the takeover by the Sheriff's office of nowthats****edup.com was a real tragedy. people have a right to know what war is all about if they're interested in it. and the old ogrish site with its liveleak makeover is still available to you.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One of the reasons why we saw so much opposition to the Vietnam war was that the media was given broad access, unlike Iraq where the media was tightly controlled. Note that we weren't even allowed to see the flag-draped coffins of our dead soldiers coming home.

    I do worry that an excess of violent imagery desentizes people to violence, whether the images are real or not. If children need to be protected from the real thing, then they should be protected from video games as well.

    Note that video games are used to desensitize police officers to the act of shooting someone - to prevent hesitation if the time comes.
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    They should, and they are. But women breasts shouldn't be necessary to censor.
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    What about man breasts?
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    and then the age old question... who gets to decide what is censored? you say women's breasts are ok, but some people in your democratic population may think differently.
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    It's not necessary, so why censor woman breasts? You may be of the opinion that they should, but you'd better put some arguments on the table before passing a law.
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    I'm not sure they have the same ability to shock, disgust and terrify as women's.
    (of course I might be wrong !)

    ps. Canada has voted to allow women to be topless wherever a man could also be topless - on the grounds of equality.
    Please Canadian women, if you are 'equal' to this guy - cover up!
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    Is that Putin?
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    So far I think the russians are winning on the pin-up leader front.

    http://img.iht.com/images/2007/08/22/22putinb250.jpg [Broken] toplesstony221x500.jpg
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    Canada seems to be ahead of the US in many ways.
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    Putin is wearing his trousers a bit high to hide his love handles.
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