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News Should this be interpreteted as black warning signs ?

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    Don't you find strange and weird that almost far east regions are building the probably biggest dam of the world for energy, and that we know from the media that nuclear materials are in someway transitting in the east but not so clearly..(are we afraid of Tchernobyl again ?)....if there are such water energy source..for which goal could it be used : eventually purified radiocative materials in the nature and heavy water from oceans.....(years for secret work is point out the nose in a few year ??, or is this just paranoia shared with nobody (maybe only completely mind blowed military chiefs...)
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    sorry, but I havent got a clue what you were talking about...
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    Me neither, but I can, at least, answer one question: yes, you are paranoid.
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    I think he is suggesting that nuclear material is being harvested somehow from a water/dam project. In short, the east has discovered a way to collect and use nuclear energy directly from nature.

    That's all I got out of it.
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    What is this "east" ? Do those strange, mystical lands in that corner of the globe all share their nuclear secrets ?
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    It sounds like you are referring to the Three Gorges Damn in China. If that be the case, they need the power for their economy.

    China is also looking at building about 30-40 PWR nuclear power plants (each about 1000 MW).
    Nuclear Power in China - October 2005 - http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf63.htm [Broken]

    And US corporations would love to get a piece of the action.

    As for heavy water from the oceans - that is unnecessary at the moment. Maybe in the long term, China, and every other country in need of energy may be interested in deuterium extraction from seawater - assuming fusion is ever developed.

    As for fissile materials, China is likely making sufficient Pu-239 for the nuclear warheads already, and they already have a supply. No surprise there.
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    I was trying to explain what I thought he was saying. I don't agree with him.
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    I didn't mean to imply you did. I sould have quoted the OP instead. Sorry.
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    Uhhh something about tobacco?
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    Yes, you're right...I wonder why a country should build a big dam, when it's known that hydropower more expansive than nuclear power is...so I made the fallacious deduction, that they were hiding nuclear material not for nuclear plants, but for bombs...because else they would have built nuclear plants instead of a dam..(more expansive is in fact not regarding waste, at least I suppose, because it's an other price to pay...)
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    The construction of the dams has been discussed since the establishment of the PRC in 1949, both the USSR and USA experts have reviewed the sites at some point and opined on them. It is both for energy and control of flooding that the project is necessary. What is all this paranoia about?:grumpy:
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    Paranoia is at the basis of every economically well based state. It is the basis of military way of thinking applied to other fields : economy (don't let the other get money power, don't get tricked out by the other)...or every combat (prepare your round, aso...)....It's the most normal behaviour...: even couples are based on this : how do you use your money, what did you do yesterday (infidelity paranoia)...

    Nothing is more healthy than paranoia...we don't say "all for one, one for all", more connected to reality is "everyone against everybody"...this is politically correct, for sure...100%
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    :biggrin: Paranoia - a state of fear and apprehension for no reasonable cause.

    Fearing for your banking system and salted fish perhaps?:biggrin:
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    No in my country only the bill is salted (for info) If you want more info : especially towards US Lawyers...concerning some "dorming" accounts (not for the banks...)
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